Terms of Sales

1. Introduction

These general conditions of sale, hereinafter referred to as "conditions", are concluded between
The company SARL GRANDMOUGIN registered under the SIREN 431 902 725
Hereinafter, called https://hotel-restaurant-latruitedelaloue.fr/
And on the other hand,
Individuals, individuals or not, wishing to make a purchase of gift vouchers via the site: https://hotel-restaurant-latruitedelaloue.fr/
Hereinafter referred to as the "customer" or "customers".

2. Purpose and scope

These terms and conditions are intended to define the terms of sale between "https://hotel-restaurant-latruitedelaloue.fr" and its Customers,

They specify the general conditions of realization of the various stages of the sale, from the placing of the order to the delivery of the products and ensure the follow-up of this order between the parts.

These general conditions of sale govern the sale of gift certificates found on the merchant site of https://hotel-restaurant-latruitedelaloue.fr/. These conditions also apply to other sales methods: e-mail, postal order, telephone.

3. The Order

3.1 Placing the order:

The various methods of placing an order are: https://hotel-restaurant-latruitedelaloue.fr/, postal mail, email or telephone.

The customer agrees to provide the following information when placing the order:

Customer identification: Surname, first name, address, phone, messenger.
Designation of the products requested
Quantities ordered
Payment method chosen.
The order is formalized:
Customer's signature by sending the customer the payment.
This award constitutes an irrevocable commitment of the customer, except for the withdrawal period (see paragraph 8).

The products ordered will be delivered within the limits of available stocks.

3.2 The order

3.2.1 Ability to contract:

The legal conditions of exercise of the online purchase are governed by articles 1124 and 488 of the Civil Code, and the so-called HAMON law of March 17, 2014.

3.2.2 Acceptance of conditions by the customer:

The fact for the customer to check the box "I read and I accept the terms and conditions of sale" before confirming his order automatically entails the express acceptance by it and without restriction or reservation of these Terms and Conditions of Sale ".

3.2.4 Refusal of an order:

We reserve the right not to insure an order (eg unpaid, declared dispute) and we will notify you by email or phone of this case.

3.2.5 Payment deadlines by bank transfer or check:

The payment deferred by check must intervene within 15 days otherwise the order will be canceled.

3.2.6 Price :

Our prices are in Euros, including VAT, The VAT applicable to the products will be the one in force on the day of the order.

3.3 Registration / Order Confirmation

Your order is final as soon as you receive a confirmation email from us.

4. Payment of the order

4.1 Payment method of the order

The different means of payment at your disposal are:

• By VAD

In case of possible delay of payment (refusal of payment ...) it is up to the customer to settle by any other appropriate means, otherwise the order will be canceled.

4.2 Transfer of ownership of the products subject of the order:

The customer will own the goods ordered from the date of total payment of the order.

5. Delivery of the order

5.1 Delivery time:

Gift vouchers can be printed directly from the website https://hotel-restaurant-latruitedelaloue.fr/ and are therefore not subject to delivery conditions.

6. Force majeure

Cases of force majeure: strike or natural disasters, may hinder the successful completion of an order and automatically suspend execution after a certain period. These cases are in addition to those usually used for French case law.

7. Claim for non-compliance

The customer can make a claim within a maximum of 15 days after receipt of the goods in case of:

• Non-conformity of the product with the order
• An error on the product sent.

8. Right of withdrawal

HAMON law of March 14, 2014: The customer has a withdrawal period of 14 working days from the day the distance contract is concluded, and we have acknowledged receipt by email, including information on our general terms and conditions. sales and contractual conditions of withdrawal. These conditions are excluded in case of sale of perishable goods.

To download the withdrawal slip,click here.

9. Warranties

Article 1641 and following of the Civil Code: guarantee against hidden defects.

10. Electronic Signature - Data Protection -

The electronic signature is materialized by the click of validation.
According to article 34 of the law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, the automatic processing of information, including the management of e-mail addresses of users of the site, has been the subject of a declaration to the CNIL .

11. Intellectual property

We have the intellectual property of our site in terms of its presentation, its content including images. Partial or total reproduction of the site is strictly prohibited.

12. Different and French laws

If litigation and absence of amicable agreement, the competent court will be that of BESANCON and are the French laws which will be applied systematically.

13. Duration and application

Ces conditions générales de ventes s'appliquent sur l'ensemble des produits These general conditions of sale apply to all products that we sell on our website https://hotel-restaurant-latruitedelaloue.fr/ and this for a period of one renewable by tacit renewal.